What Leagues Can Learn From NASCAR's Return In A Fanless Environment

To better understand the upside of fanless sporting events and to identify potential new sponsorship revenue opportunities, GumGum Sports analyzed the NASCAR Real Heroes 400, tracking traditional motorsports placements, while evaluating the potential for new, currently unbranded assets such as the grandstands and cloth face masks. 

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Bundesliga’s Return in Fanless Venue Highlights Opportunities for Brands

Despite the fact that the pictures and sounds emanating from the stadium look and feel different in a fanless environment, the impressive television and social media numbers prove that fans are more keen than ever to engage with sport from their homes. With a creative approach, rights holders have the chance to seize this opportunity to drive incremental value for existing partners to make up for shortened seasons, while also exploring opportunities to attract new brands that wish to associate with unique and newly available placements to drive brand exposure.

Why now more than ever, sponsorship analytics are crucial to brands

John Ali, former Head of Sponsorships at Marathonbet, gives his take on COVID-19, the need for sponsorship analytics now more than ever and why our thirst for sports is a 24/7/365 desire.

We know you love to deep dive into your social media posts—analyzing your social performance and valuation from the most viral moments down to the smallest exposure-level detail. To enable even more power into your social media analysis, we have released infinite scroll capabilities to the Social Media Posts page within Media Value Center.

NBA Stars Produce Streaming Buzz During “Social Distancing”

Stadium doors have closed, seasons have been suspended, events have been cancelled, and fans are quarantined in their homes with sports networks running re-airs of past games. As people search for new ways to interact and socially connect, live streaming is emerging as the leading form of entertainment, and Twitch is at the forefront.

Teams are Driving Value for Brand Partners During the Sports Pause

Covid-19 has had a massive impact on the sporting landscape. Worldwide live games, leagues, and tournaments have been brought to a standstill, and television broadcasts have been put on hold. 


Sports may have temporarily shut down, but gaming entertainment has never been more popular. While sports fans have been stuck inside, live streaming sites such as Twitch and YouTube Gaming have seen an average growth of 10% in viewership over the past month. 


With the cancellation of professional sports, college sports, and live broadcasts, people are seeking ways to find an outlet of entertainment. This is where Esports has greatly come into play. 

Industry Leaders on the Future of Sponsorships

The nature of sports sponsorships is changing before our eyes. The industry is heading toward a more customized sponsorship model, fueled by innovative technology that is driving cross platform engagement with near real-time measurement.

What Augmented Reality Means for Sports Sponsorships

Watch a professional sports highlight clip on Instagram or YouTube these days, and there’s a good chance you’ll see something new: Augmented reality.

Moneyball 3.0: How Visual Data Is Supercharging Sabermetrics In Sports

Before Michael Lewis released his 2003 book, Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game, few baseball fans—and even many executives—had ever heard of sabermetrics, the term invented to describe advanced statistical analytics in the sport.